Prophesy/Safe delivery.

I met the man of God at Seven Sisters station for the first time. He saw me, and He prophesied that I was carrying a baby girl in my womb, and Her name shall be called Deborah. And that the child will be a vessel in Gods hand for end-time work.  And I was very surprised and shocked how He knew the sex of my baby in the womb. I was standing with a lady friend. He also told my friend that He saw her in a White wedding gown. But that, her husband to be had no money to celebrate their wedding. And the man of God said; that God said, her husband
should fix a date for her wedding, and God will provide all their needs for the
wedding. And truly, my friend was preparing for her wedding, but her husband was complaining of how to finance it. We were all shocked. I gave birth safely with no labour, and my child was a girl as the Man of God prophesied.
I give glory to God.
Sister Afriye Diana (Tottenham).



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